4:18 PM

may be it is the worst problem i've ever got. 
but yeah, finally, i can't handle it
too much problems, and i think i gonna to die
die.. hehehe
is it the last solve for me?
isn't it the porpose of our live?
to die...
and leave all this suck world...
will i die?
not now....
i dunno....
but one day.....
i'll gonna die....

P.S puisi ini aku buat ketika aku benar benar dalam keadaan down. well, bedanya i won't die. hehe

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3 jejak dari orang-orang baik hati

  1. wah puisinya sedih loh D:

    anyway nice blog :D

    tolong follow back ya :D

  2. makasih.

    sudah aku follow back :)

  3. gonna = going to

    re-check ur sentence dear...
    *Saling mengingatkan <3 (u,u)


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